About Us

Auto Performance Warehouse has been involved in the car show industry since the early 80's when I first started racing my HQ Statesman at Willowbank. I then decided to turn the HQ into a Show Car and then later added a HG Monaro to my collection.
Performance and show cars is a passion that has never stopped and with this I decided to start this company, being able to provide performance and show parts so that others can achieve the results that they are looking for at affordable prices. I have 25 years experience working on my own show cars and helping my mates with their vehicles. I am known within various car groups and organisations.
Auto Performance Warehouse carries a large variety of automotive accessories, mag wheels, performance parts, dress up items (bling) and apparel (T-shirts and Caps).
If we don't have the item in stock that you are looking for, send me and email and I will try my best to source it for you. I have my agents in the USA that I work in conjunction with to bring this items in from the USA. I also frequently travel to the USA myself, so that I can stay in touch with the latest trends and car accessories that are available.
Auto Performance Warehouse wants to be your one stop shop. I do bring back requested items including complete vehicles. If you found your own car and need to have it checked - my agents can do it for you in the USA, giving you knowledge of want you are getting. My aim is to help you achieve your goal.